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Scroll down

Place a Ante Bet

and an Optional Pocket Pairs Bet

3 cards are dealt face down

to each Player and to the Dealer

along with 2 community cards

Look at  your 3 cards

to see which 2 to keep

Discard 1 of your 3 cards

Place your discard face down in front of your bets

The first community card "The Turn" is

revealed and becomes part of your hand

Game Demo 073

You must now place a Play Bet to stay in the game

The Play Bet must be 2x your Ante Bet

Game Demo 082

Or, you can Fold forfeiting your Ante Bet


The last community card "The River" is revealed

The River becomes your 4th card

Game Demo 099

The Dealer shows his 3 cards


Game Demo 101

and Discards 1 of the 3

The Dealer compares his hand to yours

Best 4 card hand Wins

Four of a Kind


Straight Flush






Three of a Kind


Two Pairs




High Card Hand


Winning hands are paid even money

on both the Ante & Play Bets

If you have a Flush or higher hand

 you will be paid a High Hand Ante Bonus

according to the posted pay table

If you have a Pocket Pair

You are paid according to the posted pay table

Payoff Doubles with one matching community card

Payoff multiplied 20x with two matching community cards

Game is over

How to Play

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